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Gimme Shelter

The following is an article I wrote explaining the survivalist tactics of the Brussels skateboard community to ensure a roof over their heads when it rained because nobody else cared. Thanks to the dedication of Youssef Abaoud, Bart Rapelberg and a few others the Byrrrh DIY skatepark still exists. As a post-scriptum to my article, the park relocated from Tour et Taxis (where another concrete bowl is getting its finishing touches as I type) to the old RTL studios also known as the Pyramid at Avenue d’Ariane 12 in Woluwe St. Lambert. Open everyday 6-11pm with kids sessions on wednesdays and sundays from 1-5.30pm. Support your local skateboarders!

Thanks to The Creative Book and Sanj at The Quarterly for listening to our story and getting it printed. Also thanks to Lee Kirby for the photos and Chris Turner for the film!

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While you were working

Whilst on a coffee break I recognized a familiar sound coming from outside. A small group of skaters were taking advantage of the winter sunshine and a recently emptied fountain on Place Stephanie to get their grind and slide on. One of the kids bust out a lengthy boardslide, and even though no one was filming from his crew (which surprised me considering the omnipresence of mobile technology in today’s activities), I grabbed my camera and caught the action on film. I hope the kids aren’t bummed but this goes straight to the internet!
In any case, it’s also a glimpse into the lucky lives the younger generation lead as they embrace freedom whilst the rest of us embrace the upteenth cup of coffee and head back to our desks. Keep skateboarding.