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Re-uppp!!! RIP Phife Dawg

I just re-upped my recording of Tim Westwood and Funkmaster Flex’s Summer 96 Radio 1 Rap show featuring A Tribe Called Quest. Click here to listen to the Five Foot Assassin freestyle! RIP Phife Dawg

Westwood-Flex Summer 96


Mispelt Yoof – Chapter 02

9.30AM: The bell let out a prolonged high pitch ring that cut through the concrete and steel walls and out to the forecourt where the kids could hear it all too clearly. Max joined the other school kids massed around the entrance like bees to a hive. The young students stole last deep drags on their cigarettes before exhaling the fumes rapidly as they passed through the doorway. Max held his breath slightly as he passed through the dense fog of second hand smoke. Once inside, everyone made their way down the various grey corridors that led to the different classroom. Max veered off to the right in the direction of the science labs for biology when the school supervisor called out his name.

– Maxwell Woodger! Come to my office!

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For one day only…

It’s my birthday so as a gift from me to you, here are all the mixtapes so far in one place and they’re all downloadable – for one day only. Next Friday it’s business as usual with some super exclusive freestyles from Busta Rhymes, Smoothe Da Hustla, The Fugees and Lord Finesse, a Funkmaster Flex mega mix, exclusive news about the Dogg Pound crew getting run out of town and more. Don’t miss it!