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Mispelt Yoof Ch.06 Pt. 1

The plan was to go climb the fence and chill in the park after dark. Billy and Mike were down for it. Max had introduced them to Buster and Tommy when he recognized the two classmates as like-minded individuals with a penchant for cannabis and alcohol. Billy was a country kid who wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box but had a heart of gold. Billy’s parents had sent him to the private Lycée in a bid to get their son educated and a step further in life. Being the happy-go-lucky soul he was, Billy left the family farm behind him and settled into a life of inner city delinquency. Mike was a city kid who shrugged off the general rules of conformity for a more liberal approach of artistic endeavor and expression. He wore hemp shirts and baggy trousers, he listened to Bob Marley and French rap music, and he smoked his days away dreaming of revolution. Mike and Buster hit it off straight away with their passion for the herbs and Tommy was always in a good mood so nobody complained about their addition to the crew’s nocturnal excursion.

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Hating on Hip Hop

Sorry to all my visitors but Soundcloud wasn’t feeling all the dope mixtapes I was streaming – actually Sony to be specific – so they erased my account. It was good while it lasted…

Witness Statement #07: Marc Johnson

Since the early Nineties skaters […] just bite mainstream shit. Which to me is like – because I know what [skateboarding fashion] was at one point and I have that frame of reference – through my eyes it’s fucking horrible. You’ve got guys dressed up as punk rock, you’ve got guys dressed up as classic rock, guys dressed up like they’re in a rap video… I’m like ‘Come on! There is no real you!’

Marc Johnson talks to the The Skateboard Mag about skateboarding trends amongst other things.