Mispelt Yoof – Chapter 05

Max watched the plume of smoke rise from the tip of the joint like an inverted faucet. A few feet higher, the smoke plateaued and formed a translucent cloak of fog that lent the sweet fragrance of cannabis to Anna’s bedroom. DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing played in the background and track thirteen, Midnight in a perfect world, set a good score to the evening’s proceedings. The stress of the day was far away and only soft waves of colour and sound sifted through Max’s mind. Visions of an inverted burner with a thick chrome outline and navy blue fill painted itself across the walls of his mind; “Why didn’t anyone think to invert his or her burners with navy blue?” Max’s thoughts evaporated like the foam of a wave that pulled back into the ocean. Anna stretched over to pinch the joint from his immobile hand with her two fingers. He looked across at her and they smiled at one another; his eyes sparkling and mouth slightly loose; her eyebrows furrowed and an impish grin that mocked his inebriated state.

Max loved Anna’s smile. He noticed it straight away when he saw her for the first time. She was sitting to his left at the front of the class (a rare circumstance for Anna who usually preferred to sit further back, next to the window). She had turned to stare at the only foreigner in the classroom – an Englishman in the land of Gaulle’s. Max’s English accent had let him down as he failed to differentiate between the delicate intricacies of the –oue and–ue sound. Instead a distinct Anglo-Saxon –oo sound identified him as the local oddity for all to gawk at. His head stooped in shame, he had quickly scanned the horizon for mercy. That was when Max spotted the raised corners of Anna’s soft round lips that pierced shallow dimples into her jawline and sent a scarlet flush into her cheeks. That smile is what spared him the fate of internal turmoil and external embarrassment. Combined with the dark eyebrows creased over a pair of round hazel eyes, Anna embodied the mischievous nature of a pixie with the beauty of a fairy. Max recognized Anna giving him that same mischievous grin right now as she lifted the joint from his fingers with the skill of a cat burglar. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan flying together, he thought to himself.

“You’re so stoned!” Anna said.

“Is that a bad thing?” Max replied.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, “ she asked opening her eyes wider.

Max was still replaying those first instances of seeing one another in class but decided to keep that memory for himself. “I was thinking about graffiti.”

“What kind of graffiti?”

“Simple block letter stuff,” he started to explain. “Big blue letters with silver linings…”

“Like clouds?” Anna suggested.

Max smiled. He hadn’t thought of that. “If you want. Just big letters spelling A-N-N-A!”

“Really? That’s sweet!” Her enthusiasm was genuine.

Anna moved closer to Max and put her hand on his thigh. Max looked at her hand then looked into her eyes. Was it possible for someone to get prettier by the second? He could feel a stirring in his loins as his heart rate started to pick up the pace. Vivid images of an erotic nature raced through his mind. Anna’s pale skin, succulent breasts and neatly trimmed strip of dark pubic hair all hidden beneath her clothes… The pause between them stalled for a few seconds longer. It felt like minutes. Max slowly leaned forward when Anna suddenly turned away and broke into rapturous laughter. High-pitched notes of joy broke the glass ceiling of their high. Max could feel his pupils dilate and synapses pop, sending an impulse through his nervous system, and causing him to sit upright and stare around the room like one of those Meer cats you always see in nature programs.

Anna caught her breath between giggles and exclaimed, “Damn we’re high!” She turned towards Max, her left hand slipped behind his neck, pulled him in towards her with assurance and she proceeded to kiss him. There was passion in her embrace but no force. Max’s tongue found Anna’s and they shared each other’s intimate touch whole-heartedly. After a few seconds Anna pulled away and stared straight into his eyes. Max felt like he was agreeing to an untold truth with the Devil and it felt so good. Tucking her chin in and rolling her eyes up to raised eyebrows, the tip of her tongue flicked across her upper lip as she bit down gently on her bottom lip. The mischievous benchmark had been surpassed. Max was keen to see what the next level of complicity with Anna would entail.

Max placed his hand on Anna’s waist and sought her embrace again. Shifting his weight over hers, they slowly collapsed onto the futon mattress locking arms, legs and lips. With one arm wrapped beneath Anna’s shoulder, Max maneuvered his free hand up her waist, across her chest to her breast. He could feel the heat of her body in the palm of his hand and he gently gripped the curves of her figure. The outline of her bra revealed itself beneath the cotton shirt she wore. Each fiber and embroidered thread he felt spelt out his desires like brail. His fingers tips stroked her hardening nipples and he responded by gently squeezing each of them. Anna groaned as she withdrew her mouth from his. Her head tilted back and Max sought to taste and smell her skin by lowering his lips and tongue to her neck. Warm blood pumped through her veins. With one hand working its way through the buttons of her shirt, Max moved his other hand up Anna’s back and into her hair to massage her head before slipping down to the hooks of her brassiere and releasing her breasts. A large bosom slipped from behind it’s cupping and revealed soft pale skin and an erect crimson nipple. Max took an instant to look at beauty – Anna’s curves were exquisite – before grasping the ample breast and taking the entirety of its tip into his mouth. His tongue licked the hard nipple and crimson areola with fervor.

Anna swept her hand across Max’s midriff and reached past the elastic waist of his sweatpants in search of his erect cock. Her hand found what she was looking for as she gripped all four fingers and thumb around the shaft. The sexual arousal of their embrace had already sent a preliminary dose of semen to the tip and Anna made good use of the natural release to slowly lubricate Max’s stiff penis. She could feel the steady pulse of blood vibrate in the palm of her hand and began to masturbate Max with vigor. Max began to feel the electric current of imminent ejaculation stiffen his limbs and pulled himself off Anna as a jet of silvery cum shot between them landing in a wet trail across Anna’s throbbing breasts. A thin sheen of Max’s saliva coated the milky skin. Now it was Max’s turn to grin as he knelt over Anna and tugged on her skirt and underwear, pulling it southwards to reveal that neat strip of dark pubic hair he’d dreamt of. With a hand under each of Anna’s legs, he raised her knees and pushed apart her legs. Anna giggled and smiled towards the sky as Max slid back and sank down to enjoy her crotch. The random setting skipped to another track off DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing.

Together we made a pact

To hide the fact that our friendship was an act

You sitting up front with me at the back

A quick hi in the corridor maybe stop for a chat

The truth of the matter was passion

Pulling us together like traction

All I needed was a fraction of your smile

To know you’re mine and I’m all yours


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